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  • Mango Salsa

          Hey guys! Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has some fun cookout plans for this beautiful Memorial Day weekend! It also happens to be my birthday weekend, so I’m super excited to celebrate that as well! I made sure to take my progress pictures this morning so that way, I can go out […]

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  • Paleo Fish and Chips

        Oh. My. God. Just WAIT until you get a load of this…Paleo…Fish…And…Chips. And ones that honestly taste like fish and chips too! AHHH! I was completely freaking out after trying this recipe. It was so very wonderful! I think you get the point with my exclamation mark overload, but seriously guys. This recipe […]

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  • Sesame Green Beans

        So does it sometimes feel like you’re constantly making the same side dishes over and over again? I feel like since I’ve started eating Paleo, and especially since Nick and I started following the 21 Day Fix, I usually just do a couple different roasted veggies for a side dish and call it […]

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    21 Day Fix: Week One21 Day Fix Planning for 2 Different Brackets Be a Clean Grocery Shopping Rockstar Don’t Rush Your Weight Loss JourneyGetting Back on Track After Vacation  Insanity Max 30: Month One Just the Beginning Meal Planning Made Easy My Fitness Journey Part 1October Clean Eating Menu T25 Experience and ReviewThe Importance of Eating In-Season […]

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  • Paleo BBQ Chicken Pizza

        Hey guys! I don’t think you could possibly understand how very excited I am to write this post today! If you’ve been eating Paleo, you probably do, actually. Because you’ll be just as excited to read it as I am to write it. When I first started with my Paleo journey, I would […]