Why Challenge Groups are Amazing!

God, starting your health & fitness journey on your own can be DAUNTING, right?! Like, first you have to find a program that you hope will work for you and then figure out the ins and outs of it by yourself, and then figure out ways to keep yourself motivated to keep going and not cave into your excuses!

That’s why I always loved the idea of group classes at a gym! Because you have a support system of ladies there who are working out with you and keeping you motivated to come back. Plus you guys can share healthy recipes, call each other out on your excuses and really form a bond over living a healthier lifestyle!

But here’s my problem with doing classes at the gym: While I really enjoy the idea of them, I really dislike the reality of them. First of all, I have total gym-phobia. Like, I don’t think I’d ever walk into a gym alone. Mainly because I just hate working out in front of other people. It makes me TOTALLY self conscious, which is probably silly because in reality no one cares, but in my mind I just can’t do it. Plus, the schedule for the fitness classes never lines up with my schedule, so it’s tough to be able to get there multiple times per week and do the classes I want to do because I just don’t have the time to get there!

So what’s a girl to do?!

Well, that’s why I ventured into the world of at-home workout programs, and man, I’ve never turned back! You can find a program for really any type of workout that you enjoy, cardio, weight training, dance, Pilates, etc,  and most of them are 30 minutes or less and you still get an ass-kicking, sweat pouring, heart pumping workout!

But what about that support, motivation and sisterhood that you get from taking a class at the gym?!

For me, the answer to that missing link was CHALLENGE GROUPS! These groups keep me on track, they keep me motivated and they have allowed me to make those genuine connections and friendships with the other people in them because we all bond over our shared journey towards living a healthier lifestyle! I know that the results I have gotten so far during my health & fitness journey would not have been possible without these Challenge Groups to keep me on track! The picture below is my ONE YEAR Progress Picture! And I must say, I’m soooo excited to continue doing these groups and keep seeing more amazing results!


So what’s a Challenge Group?

In simple terms, a Challenge Group is a private Facebook group that is run for 21 days (at least that’s how long I run each of mine for!). In these groups we all follow a program of our choice that comes with a full workout program and a complete nutrition guide. So we workout every day, we eat healthy and we change our own lives. We check in with each other each day and there is a different daily Challenge each day to keep things fun (whether it’s sharing your favorite healthy snack, your non scale fitness goals, or a number of other things!). We share pictures of our food that we’re eating, and of course the recipes for said food, our sweaty post-workout pictures, our struggles and triumphs and everything in between! There’s a real sisterhood that is developed in these groups because everyone truly does bond over their shared goals and we all want to help each other succeed and get through any rough patches. And of course, we love celebrating both big and small victories too!


Do I have to follow a specific program for these Challenge Groups?

While you are required to follow a program, you’re not limited to just one choice! In fact, there are SEVERAL different programs that you can choose to follow and I work with you in order to find the one that is right for you and will fit in best with your lifestyle in order to help you succeed and reach your goals! Whether you want to dance your way to a fitter self, Pilates it up until you’ve toned and tightened all the muscles in your body, lift weights like a pro, or do a varied, high intensity program to see maximum results in a short period of time, there’s a program for you. And the best part is, they don’t only focus on making sure you’re working up a sweat, they will also teach you how to EAT in order to get results too! Because no matter how long you workout for, if your diet isn’t healthy, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

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What is provided within a Challenge Group?

Once you choose your program, I’ll add you to a private Facebook group that will be open for the full 21 days! In this group, I provide you with resources like a sample meal plan, lots of awesome and healthy recipes that I’ve personally made and loved, daily motivation, resources on how to meal plan/prep as well as track your food, and more!

What is Expected of Me During These Groups?!

You are expected to COMMIT to following your program’s workout schedule and nutrition plan in order to get the best results possible! You will also need to check in with the group on Facebook every day! This way we all hold each other accountable and motivate each other to keep going! Trust me when I say, you are going to grow close to everyone in the group and you will likely WANT to post multiple times per day!!

What About After the 21 Days?

No worries, when I’m your Coach, you are welcome to do ANY of my Challenge Groups for as long as your little heart desires! I don’t just ditch ya after the group is over! Because I want to make sure that you have the motivation and support that you need in order to continue on in your journey! I also have a year-round health & fitness motivation group for all of my clients, so even when there’s a break in between the 21 Day Challenge Groups, you’ll always have that group to go to for motivation, healthy recipe ideas and more!


How Do I Save My Spot in the Next Challenge Group?

Easy! You can do a couple of things! You can send me an email at FitToSavor@gmail.com or click here to send me a Facebook message! Let me know you’re interested in doing the 21 Day Challenge Group and we can chat about what program will work best for you!! Alternately, you can also fill out this form to get more info and I’ll contact you!!

I can’t wait for us to find a program that will work for you in order to get you some seriously amazing results! And I look forward to hearing from ya!

<3 Kristina

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