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  • Cucumber Dill Orzo

    Are we Facebook and/or Instagram Friends yet?! <—Follow Me! Hold uppppp, y’all…you NEED to make this Cucumber Dill Orzo, like, yesterday. But if you didn’t make it yesterday, I guess making it today will just have to do. Seriously, I made this 3 days in a row. Repeat recipes generally don’t happen often in my […]

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  • Salmon w/ Greek Salad Salsa

    Are we Facebook and/or Instagram Friends?! <—Follow Me! Cucumber, Tomato, Feta…doesn’t get more classic Greek Salad than that, right? At least not for me! Fun story (which y’all might have heard in a post or two before this one), but Nick & I met when we both worked at our local mall, and so we […]

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  • Lazy Golumpki Bake

    Are we Facebook and/or Instagram Friends yet?! <—Follow Me! If you’re not Polish, you’re probably like what the heck is a Golumpki…right? And also, I know that’s totally not the proper way of spelling if, but that’s what I’m going with! But anyways golumpkis are cabbage rolls stuffed with a meal & rice mixture. Growing […]

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  • Chicken Tzatziki Bowls

    Are we Facebook and/or Instagram Friends yet?! <—Follow Me Here! You all know how much I love bringing you new, awesomely delicious & healthy recipes, right?! I hope you know! But I’ve gotta be honest, the reason I haven’t been posting since we got home is because I really haven’t been coming up with anything […]

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  • The Shift Shop: Insider Details (Meal Plan, Workouts, Trainer, Etc)

    SHIFT SHOP IS NOW AVAILABLE! CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO THE WORKOUTS & NUTRITION PLAN!   Ever since Beachbody really started revamping their Beachbody on Demand and offering an Annual All Access Membership, where you can stream ALL of their workout programs (aka, no more buying individual programs on DVD ever againnn!), they’ve been […]