The Shift Shop: Insider Details (Meal Plan, Workouts, Trainer, Etc)



Ever since Beachbody really started revamping their Beachbody on Demand and offering an Annual All Access Membership, where you can stream ALL of their workout programs (aka, no more buying individual programs on DVD ever againnn!), they’ve been adding new content like crazyyyy. Tons of new bonus workouts for many programs, including 21 Day Fix, Core de Force & the 3 Week Yoga Retreat. They even launched a new dance based program for beginners. Butttttt, now they’re preparing for their next BIG release of an entirely new program with a brand new trainer!

The Shift Shop, led by Chris Downing, is set to release in July and when they announced it a few months ago I got really excited for some new material and a new challenge. But it wasn’t until I got the chance to workout with Chris himself and hear him talk more about his program at the Beachbody Success Club trip in April that I got reaaaaaaaaally really really excited for THIS particular program! Let me break down some more of the details for ya so you can get an idea of what the hell the Shift Shop is all about!

What is the premise of The Shift Shop program?

The shift shop is all about gradually ‘ramping’ up your fitness week after week in order to force your body to adapt & change in a short period of time. Chris refers to it as a ‘rapid rebuild’, meaning that you’ll get results FAST with a combo of cardio, strength & agility training. It will combine a brand new nutrition plan (more on that later) and 3 weeks of workouts to challenge and change you. Chris himself said that the point of the Shift Shop is to take you from the level you’re at now, and really increase your strength & endurance over the 3 week period of time. So whether you’re new to exercising, feel you’re in a rut or you’re already in great shape but want to take things up a notch, this program is going to be for you!


What can I expect from the workouts?

3 weeks & 8 different main workouts that increase in time and intensity week after week. Week 1 sets the stage with quick 25 minute workouts that get your blood pumping, your heart rate elevated and your muscles burning. Week 2 increases the intensity even more as you ‘ramp up’ to 35 minute workouts with more challenging moves. Then Week 3 is the ultimate test of your willpower with 45 minute workouts that are going to force you to leave it all in your workout and give it everything you’ve got! The moves are challenging, as I learned first hand from doing a live Shift Shop workout with Chris at the Beachbody Success Club trip in April! Man, I was NOT expecting to sweat so much! There were a lot of Plyo exercises (jumping & continuously moving while also doing strength moves…i.e. bear crawls, jumping lunges, moving planks/push ups) to really put stress on your muscles and up your heart rate so that you get the most out of every single minute of your workout. There will be a mix of cardio & strength training workouts that are going to push you out of your comfort zone. But, of course, there is also always a low-impact, beginner modification, so you’re able to work your way up!

Nick & I after doing a Shift Shop workout LIVE with Chris Downing! See all that sweat?!

Is there a modifier?

Absolutely! Each move can be modified so that people at any level of fitness will be able to succeed in doing this program! Chris has a personal training background where he works with people of all fitness levels and he really wanted to make sure that he created an accessible program so help everyone!

Who is the Trainer?

Chris Downing is the newest Beachbody trainer, and man is he amazing! Guys, after getting to workout with him live and hear him speak, you can just tell this guy is an incredible human being! He is soooo inspirational and uplifting! I mean, it’s seriously like he was in my head while I was working out with him. Just as I thought I couldn’t do any more, he would say something that gave me that extra boost I needed to keep pushing myself! He combines the physical & mental aspects of fitness and will seriously blow your mind with his positive & uplifting attitude. You can just tell he truly loves helping people reach their goals. And with a background in personal training that ranges from helping beginners get started on their journey to helping experts take their fitness to the next level, he is the perfect trainer for this program! If you like Shaun T, you’ll love Chris! They both have that tough love/empowerment mindset that keeps you wanting to push yourself to new limits!

What is the Meal Plan like?

After getting to hear Chris talk more in depth about the nutrition guide, I’m super excited to see the official meal plan for this program! Chris talked about how he personally uses a Ketogenic inspired diet when he needs to get results fast. And so the nutrition guide for the Shift Shop incorporates this style of eating. Throughout each week, you will gradually decrease the amount of carbs you’re eating and you will increase the amount of protein & vegetables that you eat. This type of meal plan is going to give your metabolism a kick in the butt and rev it up so that you can shred some serious fat and get quick results! This is going to be similar to the type of meal plan that a fitness competitor or model would follow to shred quickly before a competition! So Week 1, you’ll have a healthy balance of carbs, proteins & fats. Then Week 2, you’ll begin to cut back on the carbs while increasing your proteins & veggies. By Week 3, you’ll be eating super clean and really focusing on your vegetable & protein intake to get the best results.

When will the Shift Shop be available?

THE SHIFT SHOP IS AVAILABLE NOW! Click here to activate your 1 year Beachbody on Demand Membership for instant access to stream all of the Shift Shop workouts (plus every single one of our other programs) and have access to the meal plan & other program resources!

How much will the Shift Shop cost?

The program on its own will retail at $59.95, but if you have the Beachbody on Demand All Access Membership, you’ll have instant access to the program as soon as its available without having to pay anything more for it! Crazy, right?! If you’re not already a Beachbody on Demand All Access Member, you can get started NOW and stream hundreds of workouts while you wait for the Shift Shop to come out!


So who else is super pumped for this program? I know I am! I absolutely cannot wait. I mean, 3 weeks…we’ve seen how effective 3 week programs can be from the 21 Day Fix, so I KNOW the results that people get from the Shift Shop are going to be incredible!

<3 Kristina

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