Review: Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Alright, so a couple of weeks back I took a trip to Trader Joe’s with my friend and picked up a few of their frozen cauliflower pizza crusts because I had seen so many people posting about them all around the good, old internet! So I knew that I needed to try them out for myself!

Let’s start with the “Nutrition Facts” for these Cauliflower Crusts! I’m sure you’re wondering what (besides cauliflower) they’re made of, right?! Pretty simple, actually! Riced cauliflower, corn flour, water, cornstarch, potato starch, olive oil & salt. That is a really nice, simple ingredient list for a pizza crust! I was pleasantly surprised by it. No cheese or eggs or anything, so it’s much friendlier for allergies! Hooray! Now, the package claims that this pizza crust will make 6 servings…meh, I beg to differ. I really don’t think that you could get away with dividing this pizza between 6 people, at least not as an entree (as an appetizer, absolutely). I would say plan on this feeding 3 people as an entree as long as you’re serving a little side salad or something with it. So with that in mind, according to the Nutritional info, each serving of this crust is only 80 calories & 17 grams of carbs…I would recommend doubling that number since I am willing to bet that you’ll end up eating a double serving!

Now, what did I think of the crust? It’s good for what it is…and what I mean by that is that it definitely is NOT the same as regular pizza crust. BUT it is delicious & will definitely satisfy any pizza cravings that you have. The pizza will get soggy fairly easily depending on what you top the pizza with, so be sure to crisp it up thoroughly first, and I suggest not adding any liquidy toppings until the VERY end (I added the Bruschetta tomato mixture to my pizza AFTER it was finished cooking.

Nick & I both really loved the Bruschetta & Pesto pizza that we made on this Cauliflower Pizza crust. It was sooooo flavorful and felt like a super indulgent meal…but didn’t weigh us down or give me a headache afterward like normally happens after eating regular pizza. We cooked the cauliflower crust according to the directions on the package; I used the oven method & baked it on top of a cooking rack (prevents the crust from getting soggy while baking) and even broiled it for a few minutes as suggested too. Then we topped the crust by spreading a thin layer of pesto (I used my homemade Arugula pesto from this recipe) on it and topped with sliced of fresh mozzarella cheese. I let that broil until the cheese was melted and then after removing the pizza from the oven, I added on my bruschetta topping, which was just freshly chopped tomatoes, basil, parsley & garlic. And finally, I drizzled Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze over all of it…and voila! Pure deliciousness that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

So overall, would I recommend this crust? Yes! It is soooo much easier than trying to make your own Cauliflower crust! So save yourself some time and effort and a big headache, and try out the TJ’s version instead. However, do not expect it to be the same texture as a regular pizza crust! So if you want a hearty pizza that you can load up with lots of goodies, I’d suggest looking elsewhere!

<3 Kristina

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