Pesto Squash

So, I’m standing in my kitchen about to serve my dinner of Salmon with Arugula Pesto, Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Steamed Squash, and it looked good, it really did. But I just wasn’t completely excited about it since it’s a meal that I have fairly often. This time, I wanted something different. Then I noticed the leftover pesto that was just hanging out on my counter, and my eyes flashed back to the steamed squash and zucchini that was just hanging out on my plate, looking like it needed a little bit of excitement…and that’s when it hit me…why not mix the steamed squash with a little bit of the pesto that I already had on hand?! So just as Nick was about to grab his plate, I stopped him and took away all his squash along with my own and put it all into a bowl with a spoonful of the pesto and mixed it all together. BOOM! Just like that, greatness was born…for real.

Don’t you love when the simplest addition to a meal ends up making a HUGE difference?! I know I sure do! I already had the pesto on hand, so I didn’t add any extra work for myself, but by mixing the squash with the pesto, it totally elevated the entire meal. The squash & zucchini were no longer just a ho-hum side dish; they were amazingggg!! And since pesto has such a strong flavor, you really didn’t need to add a whole lot of it in order to taste it, which means it doesn’t add many extra calories to your meal. I call that a win for sure!

This meal was really delicious all together. And I definitely want to play around with mixing pesto in with different vegetables, or even with some roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes because the punch of flavor is scrumptious! And I’m officially obsessed. Guys, seriously, when I find something new that I like, I tend to take it to the extreme and want to make it ALL THE TIME! So y’all might have some more pesto inspired recipes coming your way in the very near future. You can’t say I didn’t warn ya, alright? Now go try this recipe out for yourselves & let me know what you think!

<3 Kristina

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Pesto Squash

Steamed squash mixed with pesto

Servings 2
Author Kristina


  • 2 cups steamed yellow squash & zucchini
  • 2 Tbs Pesto of your choice


  1. In a bowl, mix together the squash, zucchini & pesto while the squash is still hot. Serve...yes, that simple!

Recipe Notes

Feel free to use any pesto of your choice, whether homemade or store bought!

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