Yours Truly



I’m Kristina. Nice to ‘meet’ you! I’m a 28 year old passionate foodie, online health/fitness coach, DIY enthusiast and dog lover! I totally geek out when it comes to talking about anything pertaining to food, nutrition, fitness and health; I would go on all day if you’d let me. I also really enjoy connecting with people and helping them to reach their health and fitness goals, whether they be to lose weight, gain muscle, clean up their diet or any combination of those things! I also talk endlessly about my dog. This is him; his name is Gavin. How freakin’ precious is he?!


Anywayssss, not too long ago, I started my own Health and Fitness Journey and I’m happy to report that I have had some seriously incredible results! Not only have I lost a ton of weight, but my muscles are so much more defined and I’ve GAINED many healthy habits along the way. I’ve become a happier, more confident person and I love that I have the chance to spread a positive message for people who might be frustrated with where they’re at.

Want to know the best part? I didn’t follow any complicated gym routines or crash diets. In fact, I didn’t go to a gym at all and I am very much opposed to the word ‘diet’ when it’s used in a negative way to describe limiting what you eat/how many calories you consume. So how did I get these results? I followed some seriously amazing at-home workout programs and cleaned up my diet (this is how I use the word diet: to describe what I eat. Plain and simple. Your diet is what you eat. So I cleaned mine up!) by focusing on consuming healthy, natural foods and eliminating processed junk! I learned how to eat to fuel my body and give it the nutrition that it truly craves.


When I started losing weight, my friends and family all took notice and wanted to know how I was getting such great results! It made me realize that most people have some sort of health/fitness goal that they want to reach. And it came down to a few reoccurring factors that made people struggle to reach them, including: Lack of motivation/support, lack of time and lack of knowledge. Sound familiar to you?

Well, I felt all of those things too! But I’m here to tell you that you absolutely CAN reach your goals! And I’m here to help you! I wanted to create a site that would be full of resources to help you get started and stick with it! I’m here to offer my support/guidance to anyone who wants it! So if you’re ready to make a commitment to eating healthy and getting fit, let me know and we’ll make it happen for you! Click here for more info on my 21 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenges or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram!

<3 Kristina